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About Berlin

Berlin is the federal capital and seat of government in Germany, located in the East of the country and is a world city of culture, politics,  media and science.

After World War II Germany and also Berlin have been divided and still today you can find remains of the Berlin Wall kept as international memorial for freedom – the East Side Gallery. After the Fall of the Wall the Brandenburg Gate (see above), which marked the border, has become a symbol of the German reunification in 1989. Due to the history the vibrant city of Berlin does not present a traditional city core, but various city centers within the different districts. That way the city emerged as a multicultural, always changing and exciting place to be.

Berlin is one of the most popular cities worldwide and has many places of interest to offer: the Berlin Cathedral, the Television Tower, the Government District with the Reichstag (German Parliament Building) and a rich cultural program with plenty of theaters and museums, with the Museum Island as the highlight. The island is part of the world cultural heritage and one of Berlin’s favourite places.

Experience a visit in one of the most attractive cities in the world.




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